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Residents Encouraged to Use Post Office Banking Services

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The Town Council wishes to assure residents that normal bank transactions can be carried out in branch at the town centre Post Office located at 10 High Street, including business deposits.

With banks scheduled to close across the UK this year, the National Federation of Sub Postmasters (NFSP) believes post offices can play a pivotal role in ensuring people and businesses experience as little detriment as possible from these bank branch closures.

Residents can access their high street bank accounts at the town centre Post Office – this service is free of charge and as long customers have their debit card with them, they can check your balance and withdraw or deposit cash. If you don’t have a debit card, some banks will still allow you to deposit cash via the Post Office, as long as you have a deposit slip.

The Post Office’s free everyday banking service is available to both businesses and individuals.

However, customers cannot transfer money from their account at the Post Office, or get advice on savings, credit, mortgages or other forms of lending offered by your bank. For these, you will need to contact your bank direct or visit in-branch. Information on which banks offer what services at the Post Office is available online at

“Many banks tell us that changes in customer behaviour have been the driving force and principal reason for bank branch closures,” said John Harrison, Town Clerk and Postmaster of the Hailsham High Street Post Office.

“An increasing number of people bank online and consequently make far fewer visits to branches. Whilst we fully understand the considerable uptake in the use of online banking in recent years, there are still people, particularly the elderly, who like to visit their branches and bank in person.”

“This is where we can help, not only Barclays Bank customers who have lost their local branch this week, but with transactions for customers of other banks and building societies too.”

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