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HTC on Social Media

Currently, you can keep up to date and follow Hailsham Town Council on the following social media platforms:


Hailsham Town Council Facebook page: Like us on Facebook and keep up to date with news, information and events from across the Council.


Hailsham Town Council Twitter page: Follow us on Twitter and stay up to date on news, views, activities and announcements from Council officers, members and services across the Council.


(Hailsham Youth Service): Get updates on the various projects, announcements and activities available for young people in the Hailsham area. Visit the Service’s Instagram page.


1. Replying and responding to messages and comments:

  • Our social media accounts are generally monitored during office hours (9am-4pm, Monday to Friday), except on public holidays.
  • If your query is urgent or involves personal details, please contact us using an alternative method.
  • We will endeavour to answer simple queries as quickly as possible on social media. However, if the matter of concern is intricate or requires a detailed response, you may be directed to a relevant officer or department to discuss the matter further or asked to submit a Freedom of Information request.
  • Our aim is to respond to as many questions on our social media posts as we can, but this is not always possible and sometimes we can miss posts, questions or comments.
  • Please feel free to talk to your local councillor about local matters too.

2. Moderation and behaviour:

  • We will not tolerate offensive or abusive language or images on our social media channels and will remove any such comments or images.
  • Please do not post any comments that are unlawful, libellous, defamatory, abusive, threatening, harmful, obscene, profane, sexually explicit or discriminatory in any way. We will remove any statement/comment that we consider could be fall into any of the above categories, and may report them to the relevant platform administrators.
  • Do not ‘troll’, i.e. create conflict on our social media sites by posting comments or statements that are particularly controversial or inflammatory, extraneous or off-topic, with the intent of provoking a response from other social media users or disrupting normal, on-topic discussion. Any such comments may be removed.
  • Do not bully, harass or intimidate any individual or organisation using our social media pages.
  • Do not post content copied from elsewhere without consent from the original author, i.e. content for which you do not own the copyright.
  • Do not post the same comment, message or statement (or very similar messages) repeatedly. Any such comments may be removed.
  • Do not advertise products or services on our social media pages. Any such advertisements will be removed.

3. Blocking and unfollowing

  • If we block your account from one or more of our social media pages, this will probably be because you have breached our rules and guidelines concerning appropriate commenting, or you have followed or liked our social media pages solely to promote products or services.

4. Sharing and retweeting

  • We try our best to share or retweet information that we think will be of relevance or interest to our followers, or of use to people, businesses and organisations in the Hailsham area. However, please do not be offended if we do not share or retweet something you ask us to.
  • Please remember that, while we may like or follow an individual or organisation and retweet or share their posts/information, it does not necessarily mean that we endorse them.