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Sport & Leisure in Hailsham: Clubs, Groups and Facilities

Health, exercise and wellbeing are essential parts of everyday life and are crucial in terms of leading a happy and healthy lifestyle. As the first tier of local government in Hailsham, closest to residents, the Town Council plays a significant role in ensuring our local community is healthier and Hailsham is a thriving place to live. Click here for further details and for a list of local sports and fitness groups.


Information about what you can do to protect yourself from Covid-19, plus other relevant information is available to view here. Details about and the latest updates on the vaccination programme can be found here:

Hailsham Neighbourhood Plan

After several years work by the Town Council, volunteers and professional advisers, residents voted ‘yes’ to adopt the Hailsham Neighbourhood Development Plan at a referendum held in May 2021.

Neighbourhood Plan Promotional Photo of Hailsham (Town Centre)The Plan document, written by a group made up of members from the community and from the Town Council’s Neighbourhood Planning Committee, proposes a number of policies relating to what infrastructure and development is needed to sustain future housing growth in the Hailsham area, taking into consideration local environment and sustainability, design, housing type, traffic and transport, economy, services and facilities.

Now that the people of Hailsham have voted in favour of the Hailsham Neighbourhood Development Plan, it will be formally adopted by Wealden District Council in the near future. When looking at Hailsham planning applications up to 2028, the Local Planning Authority will have to take into consideration the policies contained within the neighbourhood plan.

Find out more about the Hailsham Neighbourhood Development Plan.

Sports/Meeting Room Hire at the James West Community Centre

Photo of outside of James West Community Centre

Community groups, sports activities, playgroups, meetings, conferences and private function hire. Consists of an 18m x 10m hall, which is able to accommodate an audience of approx 200 seated – plus meeting rooms, changing rooms, kitchen, P.A. system and on-site parking.

Get in Touch with Your Local Policing Team

To report a crime or incident in Hailsham please use Sussex Police’s online reporting or call them on 101. To contact your local policing team for advice or concerns you have in your community please call 01273 404938 or email Local teams DO NOT take crime reports.

Hailsham Forward (Town Team)

Town revitalisation: A vision for the future with an eye on the past…

Hailsham & Hellingly Business Plan: Action Points [Updated September 2018]

Photo of town centre flower beds

Community Toilet Scheme (Hailsham)

A full list of premises that have signed up to be part of Wealden’s public toilet scheme.

East Sussex Community Information Service (ESCIS)

A free computer database resource of local and community information developed and managed by East Sussex County Council’s  Library and Information Services – a broad directory encompassing all community information and events in the county.

Community Fire Safety in Wealden

The Community Safety Team in Wealden delivers free home safety visits and talks on request in Hailsham.

What’s On In (And Around) Hailsham

Registered charities in the Hailsham area can advertise in the monthly publication free of charge or at low cost. Email for further information.

Neighbourhood Plan Promotional Photo of Hailsham (Town Centre)Hailsham & District Twinning Association

Members meet monthly for various social events. Opportunities to stay with French host families in Hailsham’s twin town, Gournay-en-Bray. £10 per person. For details call 01323 846539.

‘Time To Talk Service’ from Mediation Plus

Mediation Plus offers a comprehensive range of mediation, dispute and conflict resolution services for Hailsham and Wealden. Mediation Plus has helped families from all kinds of backgrounds improve communication and relationships between generations through the ‘Time To Talk’ service.

Residential information

Photo of Hailsham War Memorial

East Sussex Credit Union

Offers a loans and savings service to people living and working in Hailsham and countywide.

Residents’ Associations in Hailsham

Contact details of individual residents’ associations in your local area.

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