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New Information Signs Being Installed on Town Council-Maintained Land

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Photo of newly installed informational sign at Grovelands Barn and Orchard Park 

Hailsham residents and visitors to the town will soon benefit from the installation of additional informational signs across the town.

New signs were installed earlier this year at the Western Road Recreation Ground, Maurice Thornton Playing Field and Hailsham Country Park, as part of a campaign to introduce additional exterior signage on Town Council-maintained parks and open spaces.

Other sites where signs have recently been installed or will be installed in the coming weeks include the Common Pond in Bellbanks Road, allotment sites in Battle Road, Station Road and Harold Avenue and children’s play areas (Battle Road, Maurice Thornton Playing Field, Western Road, Quinnell Drive and Stroma Gardens), as well at Orchard Park and Hailsham Cemetery.

In addition to external information signs, the Town Council is in the process of installing more public noticeboards at key locations maintained by the Town Council, including the Western Road Recreation Ground, Maurice Thornton Playing Fields, Hailsham Country Park and outside the James West Community Centre.

To help complement existing advertising provision and further disseminate information to residents, councillors agreed that residents who may not have social media or be electronically connected should still be kept aware of important updates in the town.

The new noticeboards, when installed, will be used to display news on Town Council business, local community events, clubs and local voluntary association activities, as well as general information and details of initiatives or consultations taking place in the town.

Town Clerk John Harrison said: “With a significant number of local residents using the internet and social media platforms on a daily basis, much information is shared electronically. However, the last thing we want is for residents who do not use smart phones, tablets or computers to miss out on community information.”

“Whilst we already maintain notice boards in the town, we realise that we need to install more to ensure that as many people as possible are kept up to speed on local information, including Town Council meetings, town events, public engagement opportunities and more.”

Mr Harrison added: We have for some time looked into how best to keep members of the community up-to-date with all that is going on in Hailsham and how best to engage residents in council activities. The new notice boards and future informational signage will go some way in terms of helping to forge closer relationships between the Town Council, residents and the wider community. We look forward to progressing this exciting new project.”

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