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Mayor Donates TV to Youth Accommodation Centre in Hailsham

Mayor's Press Releases

Photo of Mayor Cllr ~Paul Holbrook presenting donated television set to YMCA Grove House on 15th August 2022 

The Mayor of Hailsham, Councillor Paul Holbrook, has donated a large flat-screen television (courtesy of Furniture Now) to the young people based at YMCA Downslink Group’s Grove House in Market Square, which provides supported accommodation for young people aged between 16 to 25 years, who would otherwise be homeless.

The generous donation follows the recent opening of the newly renovated lounge at Grove House, a project led by Jane Morgan, YMCA Inspire Coach for Eastbourne and Hailsham. Part of Jane’s role is to support and motivate the residents living in YMCA accommodation to get involved and have an influence over their surroundings.  In turn, this helps to increase their confidence and provides a great opportunity to develop many other transferrable skills.

The lounge had previously been used as a dumping ground for old beds and desks and was in a very poor state. Since being renovated by project workers and residents however, the lounge has now been transformed, with the working team deciding on a botanical theme for the room, with an animal twist.

The YMCA maintenance team cleared the room and residents learnt how to prepare the area for redecorating, enthusiastically painting the walls and woodwork, assembling furniture, laying a new carpet and receiving a large sofa, kindly donated by Eastbourne Foyer.

The Mayor of Hailsham also donated £100 towards the renovation from his mayoral allowance, which was used to buy a brand-new shelving unit, coffee table and soft furnishings.

Delighted to have donated the television, as well as money towards the recent lounge renovation at Grove House, Councillor Holbrook said: “YMCA staff and the residents have worked so hard in recent months to renovate the living room, making it look modern, tidy and beautiful. The provision of a modern TV appliance for the benefit of young people being accommodated at Grove House is a great addition to this and I hope they get much enjoyment and entertainment from it.”

“The YMCA Downlink Group should be commended for everything they do. Having built up a good reputation over many, many years, they have always continued to work hard to build on that reputation and improve their facilities even further for vulnerable young people.”

Councillor Holbrook added: “The Town Council and I are long-time supporters of our local communities and services – and I’m extremely happy to be helping to make some difference to the lives of these young people. We all know that youth services need to rely on charitable and corporate giving to continue thriving and we will continue to help support them where we can in the future.”

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