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Looking To Hire a Town Crier For Your Community Event?

The holder of the now ancient and honourable civic title of Town Crier is Councillor Geoff Rowe, town councillor and former Mayor of Hailsham, who publicises a number of engagements in Hailsham and District throughout the year.

Councillor Rowe has served as Town Crier since May 2009 and looks forward to keeping up the tradition of this prestigious role in the community:

“There are currently just over 200 town criers in the UK representing towns and cities, communicating in the oldest method available, by word of mouth. I am pleased to be able to enhance the image of our market town by undertaking this important duty and acting as ambassador of good will for Hailsham.”

Councillor Geoff Rowe

Contact the Town Crier

The Town Crier is available to ‘cry’ at many events including official openings of shops and businesses, school and church fetes, local festivals and processions, and various charity events. For further information on availability, please contact Councillor Geoff Rowe on 01323 841847 or send an email to

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