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Tree Management (Tree Warden)

Have you noticed any dead, diseased or dangerous trees in Hailsham public open spaces or highways? Do you wish to report damage or vandalism to protected trees in your neighbourhood?

Tree WardenMaking sure trees and shrubs on public property remain beautiful and don’t become safety hazards falls into the hands of Hailsham’s Tree Warden, appointed by the Town Council. The responsibilities of the Tree Warden typically include:

  • Working closely with Hailsham Town Council and Wealden District Council’s Arboriculturalist.
  • Gathering information and undertaking surveys of trees in Hailsham.
  • Being aware of threats to trees that may require protection.
  • To liaise with local people and give advice on tree matters.
  • To ensure compliance with Tree Preservation Orders.
  • To ensure compliance with planning consents and refusals.
  • To make the Council aware of vandalised trees and trees showing signs of disease or decay.
  • To organise practical projects involving local groups and children and youth groups.

To report damage to or potential safety issues concerning trees in public areas within Hailsham, contact Sam Spiers on 07812 910957 or email

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