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Town Team Discusses Key Projects at Stakeholder Meeting

Town Revitalisation

Photo of Hailsham Forward Stakeholder Group meeting 26.08.22 

Local businesses, community groups and other key members came together for Hailsham Forward’s latest stakeholder group meeting, which was held at the James West Community Centre on Friday [26 August].

Support for the organisation of the town’s forthcoming Christmas events and the search for land and other facilities to provide suitable/accessible recreational facilities for Hailsham and the surrounding area were just a few of the items discussed by the ‘Town Team’, which aims to bring together key local stakeholders including Hailsham Town Council to review the best ways to revitalise the town centre and surrounding urban environment.

At the meeting, members were updated on the recent expansion of the Town & Shopping Guide directory’s content with new businesses added, the continued popularity of the Hailsham Loyalty (Card) Scheme and upcoming Hailsham Forward projects, including the creation of a virtual shop front for Hailsham, which will provide a new shop local initiative for local businesses, supporting them in the town centre.

Also discussed was the revised proposal from the Hailsham & District Chamber of Commerce for a Business Improvement District (BID), focused on a zero-carbon environment, renewable energy, social heating projects and enhanced building insulation for the benefit of the entire Hailsham and District business area. In essence, the BID will provide businesses with knowledge and assistance both to increase their energy efficiency, reduce substantially costs and ultimately become zero-carbon compliant.

“Town Team members are delighted to be working closely with local councils, businesses and community groups on a range of projects for our town,” said Deputy Town Clerk and Business Enterprise Manager Mickey Caira, summing up the meeting. “We’re very lucky to have these stakeholders on board, all of whom are prepared to work hard and give up their time to develop Hailsham Forward’s ideas and proposals further.”

“The Hailsham Forward Stakeholder Group and Executive Team continue to meet on a regular basis to progress various projects, projects which make an important contribution to the improvement of the local economy – ultimately helping to revitalise the town centre and surrounding area in the long term.”

Mr Caira added: “We’ll continue to take on board the views of stakeholders while we work on these projects and keep the local community informed of any updates at all times.”

Further information on Hailsham Forward’s town revitalisation plans can be found on their website.

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