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Town Councillors and Volunteers to Take Part in Big Spring Clean Up


Photo of volunteer litter pickers in Hailsham 

The Mayor of Hailsham has praised the ‘amazing job’ being undertaken by volunteer litter pickers who are trying to keep the town tidy, as part of the Big Clean Up national initiative.

Mayor Councillor Paul Holbrook has commended the Dippy Doodahs Gang, Wealden Wombles, Landsdowne Residents, Harmers Hay Fixers and other groups and community-spirited individuals who work help towards keeping the town clean and free of litter.

“The various teams of volunteer community litter pickers work incredibly hard to keep Hailsham as clean as possible,” said Cllr Holbrook. “They have done a sterling to date, and it goes without saying that the litter picks they undertake are often big jobs and there is a lot to keep on top of.”

“In Hailsham, we have a handful of volunteer groups that are dedicated to picking up litter and I’m grateful to them too for their continued support and interest in protecting the environment and local wildlife.”

Cllr Holbrook added: “Many individuals take on a community role in their spare time and partake in voluntary activities in our amazing town. By doing this, they help improve Hailsham for everyone, both residents and visitors to the town. We have a strong tradition of volunteering and community activism here and the work of the many local volunteer litter-pickers is a perfect example of this community spirit which we should all be proud of.”

Town councillor Mary Laxton of the Dippy Doodahs Gang commented: “Come rain or shine and heavy frosts, we contribute alongside other groups and individuals in keeping our community as best we can, litter-free and protecting our wildlife into the bargain.”

“Our simple message is this… Please dispose of your litter in the bins provided – or take it home. Have pride in our town and green spaces!”

“We would like to encourage all residents, groups and town councillors to join forces for the next big clean-up which takes place in the spring.”

The Big Spring Clean Up, part of a nationwide initiative, will take place in Hailsham from 25th March-10th April.

Members of the public, both groups and individuals, are encouraged to join the campaign, lend a hand when they can in parks and recreation areas, public open spaces and residential neighbourhoods, and declare that litter pollution is not acceptable.

For information on how to join the Dippy Doodahs Gang and provide your support, please contact Mary Laxton on 07723 444209 or by email:

The group advertises all scheduled litter-picks on local Facebook pages.

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