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Town Councillor Representation in the Local Community

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Aerial view of Hailsham 

At the Town Council’s Annual Meeting held on Wednesday 17th May, members agreed to councillor representation on the following external bodies as proposed:

Hailsham Town Council has Council Representatives on a variety of outside bodies within the local area for a number of reasons, including circumstances where the Council has a commitment with the organisation and/or its function; where the organisation provides an opportunity to liaise with other external companies or authorities in the interest of the town or residents; where the work of the organisation directly affects Council business, services, land or property; or where the organisation specifically requests a Council representative.

The outside bodies are usually local voluntary community groups, local charities or Community Interest Groups (CICs), a liaison meeting with other organisations or local authorities or committees/teams managing either Council owned land or properties.

“There are several organisations which are independent from the Town Council, but have an impact on its service areas and benefit from maintaining effective partnerships with us,” said Town Mayor Paul Holbrook.

“Town Council representatives attend as many meetings of an outside body as they are reasonably able and, at these meetings, allows the organisation to gain access to the expertise and knowledge of the Council – and also help to make sure that the Council is kept up-to-date with the actions and future plans of the organisation.”

“I’m delighted that the Town Council has a large number of members representing external organisations. This clearly demonstrates our objectives for all interested parties working together and communicating effectively for the benefit of the parish, its residents, businesses and visitors.

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