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Town Council Wins Post Office Franchise

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The Town Council is pleased to announce that it has been successful in its bid to win the franchise for Hailsham’s Post Office.

Work on the agreement of the lease for new post office premises, terms of contract and other legal processes will be carried out in the coming weeks, before the fitting out of the new post office and eventual opening in the Spring.

In setting its budget last year, the Town Council agreed to take over the Post Office if other franchise applications were unsuccessful, in order to protect the service and the staff.

The current plan and the basis of the Town Council’s application to the post office, is for the new service to run out of no.10 High Street.

“The post office is an essential component of our community, and indeed any local community,” said Town Mayor Cllr Nigel Coltman. “By taking the opportunity to apply for the franchise and being successful in doing so, your Town Council has ensured that our local post office is safeguarded and has a sustainable future for residents and local businesses.”

Deputy Mayor and Vice-Chairman Cllr Grant De Jongh said: “It’s a rare thing for a town to run its own post office, but by taking this on we are ensuring an essential service every resident deserves is maintained in our town centre.”

“I would like to personally thank all the officers involved with making this happen, in particular the Town Clerk, as well as all our town councillors who supported taking on the Post Office and its responsibilities.”

Town Clerk John Harrison commented: “There is now a tremendous amount of work to be undertaken and I would encourage residents to be patient over the coming weeks as the setting up of a post office facility is not an easy process and takes time.”

“However, we will endeavour to keep the public updated on the acquisition of suitable premises and provide announcements as and when new developments arise.”

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