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Town Council To Support Infrastructure Improvement Plans

Planning & Development, Town Revitalisation

Aerial view of Hailsham 

Hailsham town councillors have agreed to support plans for improved infrastructure, including roads, schools and healthcare provision, in light of proposed future new housing developments.

Town councillor Nick Collinson made the proposal at a meeting of Full Council held on Wednesday evening [30 September] that the Town Council will work with Wealden District Council and other service providers to ensure that the infrastructure to support new housing in Hailsham and Hellingly comes either before or in parallel with the proposed developments.

It was also agreed the Town Council will request that Wealden District Council agrees to and pays for a jointly developed “Area Action Plan” to plan for the required infrastructure in advance.

The Town Council agreed that it will hold an extraordinary meeting to further debate the issues in the Wealden Local Plan. This meeting will be open to the public as are all Town Council meetings. The date for this will be announced soon.

The Town Council also resolved to request that Wealden District Council hold an open public meeting to present details of the details of their Local Plan.

Councillor Collinson said: “Hailsham’s significant growth in population over the course of the next few years brings with it a number of benefits, but it is also faces increased pressure in terms of transport capacity, services and utilities, as well as local environment and sustainability.”

“Hailsham needs a long-term, integrated plan that links up infrastructure systems across the town to support its housing growth and continued success, which is why we must work with service providers to establish an Area Action Plan to take into consideration these infrastructure requirements before it’s too late.”

Town Mayor Councillor Nigel Coltman, who seconded the motion said: “The proposal put forward at last night’s Full council meeting is a necessary step towards understanding the needs of a much larger town which Hailsham will soon become.”

“The town’s infrastructure will require substantial investment to accommodate additional residents who will set up home in the town within ten years. Setting up an Action Plan will certainly help make it possible to draw up proposals for developing schemes and raising resources.”

Town Clerk John Harrison commented: “The pressures of population growth and Hailsham’s continuing development as a town call for some hard thinking about future infrastructure. By passing the motion proposed last night, the Town Council will be making a significant step in working with Wealden District Council to develop a comprehensive strategy to ensure that Hailsham remains a thriving and vibrant town for its residents.”

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