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Town Council Supports Growth of Girls’ Football in Hailsham

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Photo of football and pitch 

As part of its continued commitment to provide quality leisure and sports facilities in Hailsham, the Town Council’s Assets Management Committee approved the decision earlier this year to create a small football pitch at the Country Park to accommodate and grow girls’ football in the community, including the installation of permanent goal posts.

“We are pleased to have supported the Hailsham United team and Hailsham Active’s ambitious plan to increase sports participation in the town,” said Councillor Trevor Powis, chairman of the Town Council’s Assets Management Committee.

“The Town Council is confident that the creation of the football pitch will enable a girls’ team, which otherwise could not have played, and therefore provide considerable social benefits for the community and fulfilment of another key objective – helping more people to enjoy getting and staying active.”

As a youth football club dedicated to the development of young, local players, Hailsham United has maintained a steady growth rate since forming in 1982. Currently, its numbers exceed 240 registered players between the ages of 6 and 16 and has over 25 FA qualified coaches within the club.

Recently, the club has seen an increase in players which has been beyond the expected level and, within this growth of player numbers, has been a steady increase in the number of girls – something that Hailsham United have been trying to encourage for several years – so the introduction of their very first all-girls team has been a great achievement for the club.

A spokesman from Hailsham United said: “As the town continues to grow, so does our football club, which is absolutely fantastic, but, this then requires additional space or facilities in which we can train and host match days.”

“We are massively thankful to Hailsham Town Council for their continued support in allowing us to use the Maurice Thornton Playing Field as our main home ground, along with the fantastic support shown to us by the Town Farm Residents Association and of course the residents themselves.  The kind words of support we have received since returning from lockdown periods has been truly humbling.”

“Those facilities aside, we have been extremely fortunate to have been able to utilise the Hailsham Country Park and this has been a bit of a game changer. Without this additional training facility, we would not have the room to facilitate the girls team as easily.”

“This additional area has enabled us to take this group of young ladies and train them on a regular schedule, entering the team into their first competitive league and developing them into a team that have begun to win matches, most noticeably against Worthing who have always been a benchmark team in the Sussex leagues.”

“Having this facility along with some goal posts available regularly to host training sessions and/or home day matches would be fantastic. It would also ensure we have a little more space for the continued growth in Hailsham and to be able to offer a football club where the youth of the town can come and enjoy learning the game they love.”

Steve Wennington, chairman of Hailsham Active commented: “We would like to give credit to the dedication of Hailsham United and indeed all other local sports clubs to supporting our youngsters (and the not so young!) for competitive, fun and well-organised sports. We will do all we can to improve and increase sporting and recreation facilities across the town and region.”

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