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Town Council Seeks Feedback On Mobile-Enabled Website

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A pilot version of Hailsham Town Council’s forthcoming new website will be available for comment and feedback in the next few days.

The website includes a new streamlined navigation and is compatible with smartphones and tablets as well as on a laptop or PC, so visitors will be able to do what they need to when and where it’s most convenient.

The pilot website can be viewed and feedback submitted at for a period of three weeks from Thursday 18th June.

The website is currently in the test (beta) stage, sitting alongside the current website with services continuing as normal. Residents are invited to visit the new website and send their comments to Hailsham Town Council by no later than Thursday 9th July 2015.

What Changes Have Been Made To The Website?

  • Improved structure for simpler navigation with information categorised and sub-categorised where appropriate
  • New responsive design optimised for use on mobile devices of varying screen sizes
  • Redesign of website that with accessibility options for users with visual impairments and other disabilities
  • Integration of a live newsfeed and events calendar to inform the public about the Council’s services and activities
  • Updated search facility enabling visitors to filter results to find information

“While the current website is informative and has achieved a high standard of service, a brand new look with improved navigational structure and accessibility will now make it even easier to find out about the Council’s activities and news items of relevance to the town,”

said Terry Hall, Public Information Officer at Hailsham Town Council.

“We welcome the move to modernise our website as, these days, it is important that we keep apace with the needs of residents. The result is a fresh and more user-friendly website that will engage with both frequent and occasional visitors.”

Town Clerk John Harrison said:

“We are working hard to try and make our website better for you and that is why we would be grateful for any comments or suggestions you may have on the pilot version, as we want to make it as informative and easy to use as possible.

Letting us know how you feel about the website plays an important part in helping us improve and maintain our standards of service and we will consider all feedback received.”

Following the launch on or before Friday 17th July 2015, the website will continue to be updated with new content and features.

Enquiries relating to this media release

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