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Town Council Investigating Recent Fish Deaths at Common Pond


Hailsham Common Pond 
In light of recent reports from residents concerning a number of dead fish sighted at the Common Pond, the Town Council wishes to confirm that it is running an investigation with the Government’s Environment.

Initial reports of dead fish sightings from residents were received by the Town Council in late August, triggering an investigation by the town’s Pond Warden who met with a representative from the Environment Agency at the pond site.

It is believed that the deaths of some fish on site were a result of low dissolved oxygen in the water, due to a combination of recent high temperatures and low atmospheric pressure brought about by thunderstorms.

However, the case will be investigated further to rule out any other causes such as pollution.

The Town Council’s Pond warden has been and will continue to monitor the pond, whilst ensuring any dead wildlife is removed.

Pond Warden Phil Hobden said: “We were made aware by local residents on Sunday 28th August of a small number of dead fish in the pond. We immediately started investigating the cause as soon as we were informed about the dead fish and, working in partnership with the EA, we will continue our investigations further.”

“Possible causes include recent changes in atmospheric pressure due to particular weather conditions and/or a build-up of naturally-occurring algae which can harm fish when oxygen levels in the water fall too low following a change from very dry conditions to heavy rain.”

“All this is despite our efforts and with the help of the local fire service to have the pond aerated in recent months.”

Mr Hobden added: “Some residents were quite upset to find some dead fish in the water and hopefully we can get to the bottom of the problem soon.”

“We are grateful to the local people who contacted us about the incident and would ask anyone who sees anything untoward at the Common Pond to contact the Town Council.”

For further information or to report any dead fish at the Common Pond or any other Town Council-maintained waterway (including Hailsham Country Park lake and Hempstead Pond), please contact the Town Council on 01323 841702 or by email:

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