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Town Council Committee Structure for 2017/18

Council News & Services


Following on from proposals made at the Annual Meeting of Hailsham Town Council held Wednesday [24 May], the Council’s Committee structure has been confirmed and the new structure has been put into operation.

Five Standing Committees have been appointed for the 2017-2018 municipal year, these being:


Responsibilities include: Precept (recommending the Town Council’s budget); Insurance; Staff Structure and Administration; Policy & Policy Reviews; Health & Safety; Contracted Services; Leases; Banking & Investment; Grants; Joint Funded Projects; Subsidies; Section 137 Payments


Responsibilities include: Cemetery and cemetery buildings; Cortlandt former stable block and public toilet facility; Fleur de Lys meeting room; Union Corner Hall; Maurice Thornton Pavilion; street lighting; youth services (Square Youth Cafe/Eastside Youth Cafe); Play areas; Public open spaces; Hailsham Country Park; Common Pond; Orchard Park; Maurice Thornton Playing Field; Western Road Recreation Ground; allotments (Battle Road/Station Road); dog hygiene bins and litter bins


Delegated powers include: Comment on Planning Applications; Enforcement Notices; Notices of Appeal (against planning decisions); Justices Licences; Tree Preservation Orders; Conservation Areas & Listed Buildings; Local Development Proposals; Any other planning related matters; Street Closures; Street Naming; Footpath Diversions


Responsibilities include: Business, retail and town centre development; coordination of street markets; industrial estate environmental development; Christmas Market; Charter Market; Town Fetes; other community events


Hailsham Town Council took the decision in July 2015 to produce a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) following the Government’s publication in 2011 of the Localism Act. In order to produce the plan the Town Council has established a Neighbourhood Planning Committee to oversee a process that will result in the preparation of a draft Plan which will be put to a public referendum in the future.

A full schedule of Committee meetings, in addition to bi-monthly meetings of Full Council, is available to view here. A copy of the agenda for these meetings is displayed on the notice boards outside the Town Council offices and in Vicarage Field, as well as via social media.

Please note that all Town Council meetings and committee meetings are open to the public to attend as observers, however residents are invited to address members during 15 minutes set aside for this purpose at the start of each meeting. If several residents attend who wish to address members of the Town Council or Committee the 15 minutes has to be shared between them.

“Local government needs local people,” said Town Clerk John Harrison. “The Town Council is determined to make Hailsham a great place to live, work and learn and residents can get involved by attending, making an enquiry or raising an issue relating to Town Council services at our regular meetings.”

“If there is an issue you think is important or where you believe the Town Council can make improvements you may want to bring it to the attention of members, so please do consider coming along to our meetings.”

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