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Town Council Agrees to Protect Town Centre Footways

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Hailsham town centre 

Following consultation with East Sussex Highways, Hailsham Town Council has agreed to allocate funding from its budget for the installation of bollards and pole planters in the town centre to protect pedestrians and the newly established footways.

At a meeting of Full Council held on Wednesday evening [28 March], councillors discussed antisocial and illegal parking on the new footways in George Street and Hailsham High Street, which have been a significant issue since the completion of the town centre road improvement works, causes damage to the pavements and poses a danger for pedestrians.

The Town Council has agreed a solution to protect the footways, which will involve the installation of around 100 metal bollards to match the bollards already located in part of George Street, in addition to 12 pole planters with hanging baskets.

The Town Council will obtain further quotations for the cost of installing fixed bollards and pole planters, and the necessary work will be undertaken later this year.

“Residents have raised concerns about motorists parking their vehicles on the new pavements in the town centre and the Town Council has agreed to take measures to tackle the problem of irresponsible parking once and for all,” said Deputy Town Mayor and Chairman of the Town Council’s Communities Committee, Cllr Amanda O’Rawe.

“The installation of bollards on public footways is only considered where the Highways Team has determined that there is a risk to public safety caused at the site and where all other options have been exhausted. The only option available is to install bollards to protect the footway from pavement parking and, in turn, safeguard pedestrians.”

“However, we will include pole planters with attractive hanging baskets in the mix too, to add to the existing floral displays in the town centre.”

Town Mayor Councillor Nigel Coltman commented: “There is a long-standing issue of complaints from residents and indeed, local businesses, about damage caused to pavements in town centre, especially in the High Street, due to unauthorised parking. This is why the Town Council has taken a proactive approach and agreed to pay for the installation of bollards and pole planters, which have been proven to be beneficial for the local community.”

“The safeguarding of pedestrians is of paramount importance to the Town Council on this specific issue.”

Further updates on the proposed town centre bollard and pole planter scheme will be announced in the coming weeks.

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