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Temporary Removal of Goalposts at Hailsham Country Park


Photo of football and pitch 

Hailsham Town Council has decided to temporarily remove the goalposts located at Hailsham Country Park, due to unauthorised use of the football pitch and reports from residents of unsatisfactory noise levels.

As part of its continued commitment to provide quality leisure and sports facilities in Hailsham, the Town Council’s Assets Management Committee approved the decision last year to create a small football pitch at the Country Park to accommodate and grow girls’ football in the community, including the installation of permanent goal posts to provide the under-15s girls’ team with additional space to train.

However, it has been brought to light that several other men’s teams are using the goals unauthorised on a regular basis for training, sometimes into the early evening and causing undue noise for residents living near the Country Park.

The Town Council’s Assets Management Committee has therefore made the decision to temporarily remove the goalposts while it reviews the situation and will liaise with the local football teams regarding the use of the facility, so it can ensure a satisfactory outcome for everyone concerned.

Councillor Trevor Powis, chairman of the Assets Management Committee said: “Whilst we were pleased to have supported the Hailsham United team and Hailsham Active’s ambitious plan to increase sports participation in the town by agreeing to set up a small pitch at the Country Park for use by the local girls’ football team, the decision to remove the goalposts until a suitable resolution was made for valid reasons.”

“It’s important that we realise that the decision to remove the goalposts was reached mainly because it is likely to be the quickest way to resolve all the issues – and ultimately get the girls’ team back at the Country Park and playing again.”

Councillor Powis added: “As a youth football club dedicated to the development of young, local players, Hailsham United has maintained a steady growth rate since forming in 1982. More recently, the club has seen an increase in players which has been beyond the expected level.”

“Within this growth of player numbers, has been a steady increase in the number of girls – something that Hailsham United have been trying to encourage for several years – so the introduction of their very first all-girls team has been a great achievement for the club.”

“It is for these reasons that we will aim to resolve the problem with unauthorised use of the pitch at the Country Park and associated noise complaints as soon as possible, so that we can be in a position to reinstall the goalposts and allow the local girls’ football team to continue enjoying and training for the game they love.”

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