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Residents Encouraged to Join Local Sports Clubs

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Hailsham Recreation Ground 

A town councillor has again launched an initiative in partnership with Hailsham Active (formerly Hailsham & District Sports Alliance) to encourage Hailsham residents to take advantage of the many recreational and sports opportunities offered within the town.

“Participate in local sports, stay active and share your sporting interests,” said Councillor Stella Van der Geyten, who encourages residents to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle and get involved in a specific sport by joining one of the many clubs which operate locally.

“Hailsham has a thriving sports community and is home to numerous clubs and groups suitable for people of all ages, each offering different ways to become more active and engage in activities with family members, friends, neighbours and co-workers, whilst supporting the local sports community at the same time.”

“Many of Hailsham’s sports clubs offer sessions for complete beginners as well as more experienced participants and will look after all ages and abilities. Therefore, you don’t have to be experienced in a particular sport to get involved and become a member.”

“It’s also a great opportunity to share existing coaching or volunteering skills for the benefit of others and to make new friends, within a sporting environment.”

Steve Wennington, chairman of Hailsham Active commented: “We’re working in partnership with Hailsham Town Council, Wealden District Council and other agencies to increase our current sports facilities, whilst at the same time, supporting local sports clubs and organisations.”

“There is a wide range of sports clubs in Hailsham suitable for various ages and abilities, all of which we are keen to see fully utilised. Many are looking for volunteers as well as members.”

Details of sports clubs in Hailsham and surrounding villages including membership enquiries and contact information are available here and on the Hailsham Active Facebook page.


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