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Project Under Way to Create Green Open Space in Hailsham

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Photo of Carpenter's Way public open space 

A town council project to create a new green public open space in the south of the town is well under way and progressing well.

Last year, the Town Council’s Assets Management Committee considered a proposal for children’s play equipment to be removed from the small piece of land situated in Carpenters Way (which was under-used and in need of major repairs), agreeing to leave the area as a public open space on that basis.

A public consultation was sent to residents of the Carpenters Way area, which concluded that the majority of young residents did not use the play equipment, preferring a green space in this location instead.

In consultation with residents, work on the site has since been undertaken to establish it as a green open space that encourages wildlife, including the levelling of ground, removal of rubble and bricks that were left from the topsoil introduced to the site, and general tidying of the area including the plant bed.

Additionally, a number of trees have been planted on the open space, all of different species to increase the number and diversity of trees in the area.

Laurel hedging is to be planted along the side of the site in the coming months (weather dependent), which will replace the old fence over time.

Cllr Mary Laxton, Chair of the Assets Management Committee, said: “We have listened to residents of Carpenters Way and fully taken on board their views and suggestions relating to the replacement of the play area with a new green open space. This partnership of ideas will result in an aesthetically pleasing small green urban pocket once new plants and trees grow and become established.”

“The Carpenters Way green open space project will be good news for the bees and other insects and pollinators and is part of our town-wide effort over the course of the next few years to create more habitat and encourage increased biodiversity levels through tree planting and other initiatives.”

The Town Council maintains several public open spaces in Hailsham, including Orchard Park (BN27 3BZ), Solway (BN27 3HB), Arlington Road East/Rear of Coopers Way (BN27 3XA), in addition to larger sites such as Hailsham Country Park, Western Road Recreation Ground and the Common Pond. A full list can be found on the Town Council website:

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