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New Cake & Chatter Facility for Hailsham Residents


Coffee and slice of cake 

Hailsham Town Council will continue to operate its warm bank facility in the town beyond the winter months, with similar aims albeit under a new banner!

In December of last year, the Town Council part partnered with local community groups and charities to introduce measures to help residents who are struggling to pay their heating bills and stay warm amid the cost-of-living crisis, and consequently set up a warm bank at the James West Community Centre operating on Saturdays and Sundays until the end of February.

However, due to a considerable increase in the number of people attending the facility since January, the Town Council’s Warm Bank Sub-Committee has recently discussed how the facility would progress post-winter. From this recent meeting, it was agreed that, to continue to run and build on the warm bank’s success, the facility will continue to operate at the James West Community Centre on Saturday and Sunday mornings (from 10am-12pm) under the name ‘Cake & Chatter’.

Tea, coffee, biscuits and cakes will be available for anyone who attends. People are encouraged to bring board games, books and other items with them.

Deputy Town Clerk & Business Enterprise Manager Mickey Caira said: “Local community groups and voluntary associations have always been quick to respond to the needs of the people of our town and this has further been demonstrated by the Town Council’s provision of its own warm bank facility at the James West Community Centre during the winter months, which will now operate as a Cake & Chatter facility beyond the cold season.”

“The Town Council’s discussions concerning such facilities in Hailsham have been both necessary and highly productive, and we will continue to do everything we can right to try and protect our residents during the cost-of-living crisis.”

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