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Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Deadline Approaching

Planning & Development

Neighbourhood Plan public consultation 

Hailsham residents have until Saturday 16th July 2016 in which to take part in a questionnaire on what is needed in the town to support future housing development and what should be covered by the emerging Hailsham Neighbourhood Plan.

Questionnaires, devised by Hailsham Town Council with the help of the comments already gathered during recent Neighbourhood Planning Committee discussions, can also be collected and posted at the following locations during the consultation period:

  • Town Council Offices (Market Street)
  • Hailsham Library (Western Road)
  • Hailsham MI Club (Western Road)
  • Seaforth Farm Surgery (Vicarage Field)
  • Vicarage Field Surgery
  • Medical Centre (85 Battle Road)
  • Quintin Medical Centre (Hawkswood Road)
  • Dippy Doodahs (High Street)
  • Chapter 12 Wine Bar (High Street)
  • Hailsham Jewellers (High Street)
  • Waitrose (Vicarage Field)
  • Tesco (North Street)

Alternatively, questionnaires can be completed online via the Neighbourhood Planning section of our website:

“Hailsham needs a Neighbourhood Development Plan which will summarise the views of the local community in terms of future development and required infrastructure,” said Town Clerk John Harrison.

“Our questionnaire will help identify residents’ likes and dislikes about the Hailsham area and will be used to understand what the community opinion as a whole is.”

Councillor Glenn Moore, chairman of the Neighbourhood Planning Committee commented: “We want to gather as much evidence as possible about Hailsham’s current and future needs in order to produce an effective Neighbourhood Plan. It’s important to hear from the whole community and questionnaire surveys such as this provide an opportunity to contact as many residents as possible, looking into specific issues such as housing form and design, health services, schools, traffic and transport.”

“All views gathered from the questionnaire will inform the draft Neighbourhood Plan and provide a blueprint for the future development of the Hailsham area, so it’s vital that residents take part if they haven’t done so already in order for us to obtain an accurate reflection of the consensus views of the local community.”

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