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“Much can be achieved in Hailsham” is the message from new Mayor

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NewPhoto of the newly Mayor Of Hailsham 

Long-standing local councillor Nigel Coltman accepted the chain of office when he stepped into his new role as Town Mayor and Chairman of Hailsham Town Council at its Annual Meeting held on Wednesday [20 May].

“It is a huge honour to be elected as Mayor of this wonderful town. I have served here as a councillor for many years and I am grateful for all your support during that time.

As your new Mayor and chairman of the Town Council I wish to highlight that ‘we are all in this together’ – although we may have come to this Council meeting wearing different political colours or none, we are now a TEAM, seeking the best for Hailsham and working in the interest of council tax payers, local businesses and community groups in our town.
For the next four years, the Town Council will spend in the region of £1million each year of the local residents’ money on the running of its services including the town’s cemetery, allotments, parks, recreation grounds, play areas and youth facilities.

Because we are a good council, we also have the responsibility of enhancing ‘Well Being’, something that can mean different things to different people.

To me, it means and will mean, working to continue improving Hailsham to the point where people speak about their pride in the town, as a place to shop, socialise, eat in our restaurants, get fit in our leisure centre, watch films and shows in our Pavilion cinema and walk or cycle on the Cuckoo Trail, among many other things.

We will continue the excellent partnership work with other councils and organisations such as the MASHH Steering Group and projects including Hailsham Forward and Hailsham Street Market.

In doing so, I very much look forward to working with you to continue to build Hailsham as a town that other market towns in the South East want to copy, as they see us growing successfully.

Much can be achieved in Hailsham this coming year and I would like residents to know that my fellow town councillors and I are here for you, and if you have any issues about the town you should get in touch with us. While we can’t promise to be able to have a solution to every problem, we will always do our best to attempt to get some sort of positive outcome.

Please be assured of my very best wishes.”

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