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Message from the Mayor of Hailsham

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Nigel Coltman 

Long-standing local councillor Nigel Coltman has been elected Town Mayor and Chairman for a third term at the Annual Meeting of Hailsham Town Council held on Wednesday [24 May].

On accepting the chain of office, Councillor Coltman stated that his long term vision is for a town that is more community driven and ‘people focused’, and will continue working towards an improved town that will become an attractive focus for the growing population of Hailsham.

“It’s an absolute honour to continue my role as Mayor of this wonderful and diverse town,” said Councillor Coltman. “With the post comes the responsibility of acting as ambassador to the people of Hailsham, which I will undertake in a positive way and to the best of my abilities on behalf of all the residents.”

“I feel very lucky to be living here in the town of Hailsham and this is why being mayor is so important to me.”

In outlining priorities for the next 12 months, Councillor Coltman flagged up the Town Council’s role in the preparation of a Neighbourhood Development Plan for Hailsham. He said: “With a very testing year ahead for the Town Council, I’m looking forward to working with fellow councillors, community organisations and local businesses on a busy agenda and taking the opportunity to represent and further the interests of Hailsham and its residents.”

“One such project is the creation of the Hailsham Neighbourhood Plan. Our town is scheduled for significant growth in population over the course of the next decade or so and, while this will bring with it a number of benefits, it may also lead to increased pressure in terms of transport capacity, services and utilities.”

“For this reason, we will continue to work with service providers in the coming months to establish a Neighbourhood Plan to take into consideration these infrastructure requirements and develop a comprehensive strategy to ensure that Hailsham can raise the necessary resources and remains a thriving town for its residents.”

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