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Message from the Mayor of Hailsham

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Nigel Coltman 

Long-standing local councillor Nigel Coltman has been elected Town Mayor and Chairman for a fourth term at the Annual Meeting of Hailsham Town Council held on Wednesday [23 May].

On accepting the chain of office, Councillor Coltman stated that his long-term vision is for a town that is more community driven and ‘people focused’ and will continue working towards an improved town that will become an attractive focus for the growing population of Hailsham.

“It’s an absolute honour to continue my role as Mayor of this wonderful and diverse town,” said Councillor Coltman. “With the post comes the responsibility of acting as ambassador to the people of Hailsham, which I will undertake in a positive way and to the best of my abilities on behalf of all the residents.”

“First of all, I would like to thank Cllr Amanda O’Rawe for her years of service as Deputy Mayor and Vice-Chairman and, in particular, her support for the various Hailsham community organisations which she worked with.”

“I feel very lucky to be living here in the town of Hailsham and, for this reason, being mayor is very important to me.”

“During my year of office ahead, I look forward to the many opportunities to recognise, celebrate and support dedicated people working in the voluntary, business, education, and local government sectors.  I am at your disposal and if I can be of assistance to you in any way, please contact me via the Town Council Offices in Market Street.”

“In recent years, the Town Council has made significant improvements to its services to residents and will continue to work towards finding more efficient ways to carry out its activities and make frontline operations as efficient as possible.”

“The Town Council has been busily working away for the good of the town and its residents, making great strides in our efforts to develop a Neighbourhood Plan for Hailsham. Of course, in the year ahead, we will be overseeing the final stages of the Plan, which will go out to referendum soon.”

“There are additional improvements to be made within our local community. Over the course of the next year, my colleagues at the Town Council and I will do everything in our power to work with you to attract future development and investment in our town and make Hailsham an even stronger and better place to live and work.”

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