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Town Mayor Visits Allotment Site in Station Road

Mayor's Press Releases

Photo of Mayor Cllr Paul Holbrook at Station Road allotments 

The Mayor of Hailsham visited one of the Town Council’s allotment sites recently to chat with plot holders and see for himself how allotments are an asset for the community and how growing your own fruit and vegetables can be highly sustainable.

The allotment site located in Station Road adjacent to the Common Pond, contains 13 small plots and is one of three owned by the Town Council.

Commenting on the provision of allotments as a vital service offered to the local community, Cllr Holbrook said: “It is often overlooked that there are three different allotment sites in Hailsham maintained by the Town Council, and we should celebrate them all as they are a way for people to keep fit and active and grow their own healthy food.”

“I’m really pleased to be at the Harold Avenue allotments site again, and I speak on behalf of our proud tenants that having an allotment instils a genuine sense of pride in the community. Allotments are not only a brilliant way of keeping active, but also eating more healthily, helping the environment by reducing food miles, escaping from the hustle and bustle of everyday living and of course, generating a sense of community.”

“The Town Council is committed to providing allotment plots to all residents who wish to rent one. We recognise the vital role allotment gardening plays in the local community, for people to grow their own selection of fruit and vegetables whilst serving as a highly rewarding pastime in the process.”

Cllr Holbrook, himself a keen allotment plot holder, recently donated £100 to the Hailsham Allotment Society after coming in under budget on his allocated allowance for the last financial year.

“I’m pleased to have given a donation of £100 to our local allotment society, which does a sterling job of promoting and protecting our allotment sites, as well as acting as a voice for plot holders and liaising with the Town Council if and when problems arise,” added Councillor Holbrook.

At present, the Town Council manages 96 plots on three sites: Station Road (13 plots), Battle Road (57 plots) and Harold Avenue (27 plots). Standard plots are 3 or 5 rods in size.

Rental costs are £23.10 per annum for 3-rod size and £39.60 per annum for 5-rod size. A £50 deposit is requested for newly registering plot-holders.

Due to a high demand for allotments, there is a waiting list for new plot tenants operating on a first come, first served basis. People on the waiting list will be contacted as soon as plots become available. Currently, the waiting list is only open to Hailsham town residents. Anyone residing outside the parish boundary should contact their local parish/town council, which may be able to assist with allotment tenancy applications.

To request being added to the allotment rental waiting list, please call 01323 841702 (during office hours) or email

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