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Mayor Pays Tribute to Volunteers During Covid Crisis

Mayor's Press Releases

Photo of Town Mayor Councillor Paul Holbrook 

In his weekly address to the people of Hailsham, the Town Mayor Cllr Paul Holbrook extends his gratitude to the many local volunteers who are offering help to the vulnerable, elderly and those self-isolating, and is truly amazed by the response of people to the coronavirus crisis:

“I am extremely grateful to the many local community groups, voluntary organisations, businesses and individuals who are offering local deliveries, pick-ups, drop-offs and even those checking on or caring for people who are self-isolating, elderly or more vulnerable to the virus. I am truly amazed by the response of you all to the coronavirus crisis during the past few weeks.

Recently, a number of community dedicated groups have been established during the COVID-19 outbreak which provide assistance to in the Hailsham area to those who need it, whether ot be mental health support or deliveries/collections of essential items such as food and medicine.

These include Hailsham Foodbank, which is still giving out emergency food parcels for all people who have a Foodbank voucher from a referral agency, Sunflowers Mental Health & Wellbeing, Hailsham Crisis Support, which supports the vulnerable and elderly in Hailsham during this difficult time, and Hailsham Community Hub, which continues to maintain its service delivery where possible and has adapted delivery so that they can continue to help local people.

Thanks must also go to NHS Care Packages, a trio of volunteers who all play for Hailsham Cricket Club and working to source and deliver basic grocery packages to the NHS staff who live in the local area, make their lives a little easier during this pandemic.

Then there is the Community Food Hub, a temporary facility operated by King’s Head Cacklebury to help locals to obtain essential food supplies and toiletries, and  3VA, which has set up new community hubs across the county in response to the coronavirus emergency, focusing their help on people who do not have an extreme medical condition but are vulnerable because they are isolated from help, too unwell to buy food or have other pressing difficulties.

Of course, there may be other volunteer groups or individuals I haven’t mentioned. My thanks go to each and everyone who is doing their part to help others during this crisis. The large number of local volunteer support groups are a valued part of the way Hailsham is responding to the effects of the coronavirus and the disruption it’s causing.

In closing, I encourage you to please continue to help anyone you may think is in need, whether it be simple tasks like shopping and collecting medication for those who are vulnerable or self-isolating. But, at the same time, please do heed the advice we have been given by the Government regarding social distancing. Please don’t put yourselves and others at risk.

Stay at home as much as you can and stay safe everyone.”

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