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Mayor of Hailsham Opens New Shop in Town Centre

Mayor's Press Releases

Photo of Mayor Cllr Holbrook with Monkey King Games owner Jareth Milford-Scott 

Town Mayor Councillor Paul Holbrook took part in the opening of a new tabletop hobby store in Hailsham town centre today [10 November].

The Mayor joined the proprietor to declare Monkey King Games officially open for business and was among a small number of people to explore the new shop located at 12 George Street.

Monkey King Games is a tabletop games and hobby store where customers can buy all things for their hobby needs, from tabletop war games to trading card games. Monkey King offers tabletop gaming sessions and sells products from such brands as Warhammer, Rival Crafts, D&D, Army Painter and Boltaction.

“This shop was made possible thanks to the amazing community and my family,” said proprietor Jareth Milford-Scott. “I deeply thank everyone that helped me start this venture and we hope to see you soon.”

“We are here for the community and anyone that needs a safe place to relax and learn something new, or just to meet up with friends or meet new people that have the same interests as them. Our shop is here to help anyone that needs a place to tabletop game or help people escape real life and make a world of their own.”

Mr Milford-Scott added: “We at Monkey King games love this hobby and love the people in it, be it someone who has painted and played for 20 years, to someone who has just picked up their first-ever box of miniatures and paints.”

“If you need any help finding something, never be afraid to ask as we are here to help and guide you on your hobby journey.”

Monkey King Games is one of several new businesses which have opened in Hailsham town centre since the start of 2020, others including Hailsham Barbers (High Street), Sweet Tooth (Market Square), 847847 Taxis and Sweethearts Party Boutique (George Street), Flowers By Maybugs (Vicarage Field) and Happy Paws and Simply Weigh (St Mary’s Walk).

Town Mayor Cllr Paul Holbrook, who cut the ribbon at the official opening said: “I am delighted to have been asked to open the new shop and it’s wonderful to see enterprising people continue to set up businesses in our town, despite the after-effects of the recent lockdowns which has affected the local economy to a considerable degree. We have an increasingly vibrant town centre, and the opening of Monkey King Games is a great addition!”

“I wish Jareth and his business venture every success in the future.”

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