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Mayor of Hailsham Attends Special Time Capsule Burial Event

Mayor's Press Releases

Photo of Town Mayor Cllr Paul Holbrook outside Bowes House Care Home with staff and school pupils at a time capsule burial ceremony 

The Mayor of Hailsham took part in a special ceremony held at Bowes House Care Home recently to bury a recently discovered time capsule to be opened again in 50 years’ time.

A time capsule prepared by local residents 60 years ago was discovered at Bowes House during recent building work on site, containing handwritten letters and other information, dated 1964.

Staff at Bowes House invited pupils from Hawkes Farm Academy to get involved and run a competition for the pupils to add to this time capsule before it’s buried again.  The six winning pupils had their contribution added to the capsule, and residents and the local community were also invited to donate something to be included.

Attending in his capacity of Town Mayor, Cllr Paul Holbrook donated a copy of a set of recently written Town Council minutes.

At the ceremony, the time capsule was buried in a new location and everyone who donated items was given a ‘golden ticket’ entitling them to come back in 50 years’ time, when the capsule will be dug up again.

“This is the perfect example of a cross-generational event, involving residents, families, school pupils and the local community in general,” said Cllr Holbrook after the event. “For the school pupils in particular, this project was brilliant and allowed the children to choose items which they felt represent their life and local area.”

“When recently discovered during building works at Bowes House, the time capsule provided an interesting glimpse into what life was like 60 years ago, and again will provide interest to people in 50 years’ time when the capsule is unearthed again, into what life was like in Hailsham in 2024. In 50 years from now, our town may have grown considerably and many things may have changed. Who knows?”

Cllr Holbrook added: “I’m sure that putting together new items for the time capsule has been an emotional and enjoyable experience for everyone concerned. To see so many school pupils, residents and other members of the local community want to add their thoughts for the future and to help create a snapshot of today for future generations has been a wonderful moment.”

“It is absolutely fascinating to imagine what life may be like in Hailsham 50 years down the line. We hope that in 2074, when the capsule is re-opened, that Hailsham will be a thriving town and continue to be a community-driven place to live, work and visit.”

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