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Mayor Highlights Duties During Period of Lockdown

Mayor's Press Releases

Photo of Town Mayor Councillor Paul Holbrook 

In his weekly address to the people of Hailsham, the Town Mayor Cllr Paul Holbrook extends his gratitude to the many local volunteers who are offering help to the vulnerable, elderly and those self-isolating, and explains how he has remained busy during the lockdown communicating with residents, local businesses and community stakeholders:

“Whilst my civic duties as Town Mayor ended abruptly in mid March due to the developing coronavirus pandemic, I’ve continued my role since then and have remained active as a representative of the Town Council and assisting our more vulnerable residents in our town as much as possible.

When lockdown restrictions were introduced two months ago, I wanted do something to help the community.

I’ve maintained regular contact by phone with the many local community groups, voluntary organisations, businesses and individuals who are offering local deliveries, pick-ups, drop-offs and even those checking on or caring for people who are self-isolating, elderly or more vulnerable to the virus. I am truly amazed by the response of you all to the coronavirus crisis during the past few weeks.

I meet on a fortnightly basis with representatives from Sussex Police and the local Chamber of Commerce remotely via online video conferencing, to discuss local policing issues and how officers are responding to the Covid-19 crisis.

I keep in touch with Town Council staff regularly, including our Town Clerk, Planning & Environment Officer and Communications Officer, to keep abreast of any changes to our services and facilities and helping to communicate these changes to the public. I’ve also maintained frequent contact by phone with the Hailsham Youth Service team and cemetery staff, and carried out inspections of allotment plots in the town, whilst observing social distancing regulations.

I take part in the clap for our NHS and frontline workers every Thursday evening  at different streets and neighbourhoods across Hailsham, again being sure to abide by social distancing rules while doing so. We must all be grateful to all the hardworking NHS staff, emergency services personnel and carers, as well as other keyworkers such as teachers, pharmacists, refuse collectors, restaurants offering takeaways and those working hard in our supermarkets, for their continued service and support during this time of need.

Let’s continue to show our support for them by applauding again this Thursday.

I also carry out shopping and drop-off services for some of our vulnerable residents every Friday and, where  possible, take calls from our older and more vulnerable residents who are self-isolating and who would like to have a brief chat with their Mayor. These are very strange times for us all and we must take the time to look after each other, family and neighbours.

Furthermore, I will continue to attend any remote/online meetings held during this period of lockdown and to date, I’ve chaired our Full Council meeting held in April and the Emergency Grants Panel session last week [19 April], at which grants were awarded to some of the voluntary associations and charities which are doing so much to help the local community during the pandemic.

In these difficult times, it is excellent news that the Town Council is in a position to be able to assist organisations financially in their endeavours to help our most vulnerable residents. It’s crucial that the local community works together and supports each other financially or by other means.

In closing, due to the coronavirus lockdown and in accordance with emergency legislation, we made the decision to cancel our Annual Council Meeting scheduled for last week. I’m pleased, however, to continue my role as Town Mayor and Chairman of Hailsham Town Council for a further year.

I’m happy to continue in the role and, despite not being able to fulfil any civic engagements for the time being, I’m still representing the town in other ways, as I’ve highlighted in this week’s message to residents. I’ll continue to be on call to residents should they need to talk to me about Town Council services or discuss ways to help the vulnerable during the pandemic.

I pledge my full support to residents, businesses, community groups and other organisations in Hailsham for the future. I look forward to being able to assist you all further once this pandemic blows over.

Stay safe everyone.”

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