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Mayor Donates Money Towards Hailsham’s Town Centre Floral Displays

Mayor's Press Releases

Photo of Mayor Cllr Paul Holbrook presenting donation cheque to Environment Hailsham members 

The Mayor of Hailsham has made a donation of £100 to Environment Hailsham, one of a number of recent donations to local community groups and voluntary associations given as a result of coming in under budget on his allocated mayoral allowance for the last financial year.

The grant funding will go towards maintaining some of the town’s floral and horticultural displays.

In his role as mayor, Cllr Paul Holbrook receives a yearly allowance to cover events and other costs associated with the office of Town Mayor, but in the previous financial year, he did not utilise all of the allowance and stated that he would donate what was remaining to local community, voluntary associations and charities, as well as other and other local initiatives.

“I am extremely pleased to have been able to donate money from last year’s mayoral allowance to Environment Hailsham,” said Cllr Holbrook. “Now more than ever, the charity and community services sector needs support to continue doing the great work they do every day.”

“My donation will help the Environment Hailsham volunteer team to continue their good work. Taking pride in the town’s appearance is something which comes naturally to people in Hailsham and what better way to act on that by Environment Hailsham establishing and maintaining a fantastic array of floral planters, flower beds and hanging baskets which can be enjoyed by residents and visitors to the town.”

“As ever, the feedback Environment Hailsham has received from residents on social media in recent years has been terrific. The floral displays gave Hailsham a positive lift.”

“The town council is committed to continuing its financial support to Environment Hailsham by way of various grants, helping them to effectively maintain the wonderful floral displays each year. We’re also incredibly grateful to Environment Hailsham’s sponsors and donors, including local businesses and individuals. Thank you.”

Environment Hailsham is a local charity run by volunteers who work in partnership with residents, schools, businesses, voluntary groups and other charities to raise funds throughout the year for the town’s horticultural displays. These include the floral beds around the Hailsham War Memorial, hanging baskets and barrier planters in the High Street, George Street and North Street, the Diamond Jubilee Rose Garden in Western Road and the Dennis King Sensory Garden off Dunbar Drive, in addition to some more recent installations.

Hailsham Town Council allocates funding towards the maintenance of floral displays by Environment Hailsham out of its annual grant budget, with the Town Mayor’s recent grant/donation being a welcome addition to this.

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