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Mayor Delighted with Recent Improvement Works at Cemetery

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Photo of Mayor Cllr Paul Holbrook at Hailsham Cemetery (October 2022) 

The Town Mayor visited Hailsham Cemetery in Ersham Road today [24 October], to see the recent works carried out at the site over the past year including improvements to some of the cemetery’s footpaths, part of a 3-4 year project to overlay all the paths with tarmac.

The footpath renewal work to date follows a myriad of other improvements carried out recently at the cemetery, such as the refurbishment of the New Garden of Remembrance with the re-laying of paving slabs, installation of a new weed membrane and new gravel.

Work has also been carried out on the old chapel, with a full re-roof incorporating new slate tiles, guttering and leadwork. The chapel doors were subsequently replaced with new one, hand-made from oak by a local craftsman and with the original door hinges and handles restored.

More recently, work on the Cemetery Lodge (which forms part of the cemetery estate) has been undertaken, including the repainting of the building and repairs/replacements of exterior woodwork.

Furthermore, some ground has been cleared and reclaimed at the south end of the cemetery.

“Hailsham Cemetery is a quiet, secluded burial ground run by the Town Council and maintained for maximum peace for those visiting loved ones,” said Town Mayor Cllr Paul Holbrook. “We want to ensure that our cemetery provides a fitting and appropriate place for people to visit their loved ones which is why we continue make improvements by carrying out any upgrades and repair work necessary on site. By doing this, we can ensure that the cemetery remains a place the community can be truly proud of.”

Hailsham Cemetery offers spaces for the burial of coffins, as well as two Gardens of Remembrance and a separate space available for the interment of cremated remains. The cemetery also includes an area for ‘meadowland burials’ – for unmarked ‘green’ burials in bio-degradable coffins with no monuments or headstones.

The cemetery grass is cut around the graves on a regular basis and to a generally high standard. The rest of the cemetery is maintained and repaired regularly by the Town Council’s Cemetery Superintendent, and the Council endeavours to inspect and assess the condition of the cemetery as often as possible.

Hailsham Cemetery is generally open from ‘dawn until dusk’. If you are intending to visit and wish to enquire about where a particular burial plot is, please call the Burials Officer on 01323 841702 (9am-4pm, Monday to Friday), who will be happy to assist. Alternatively, send an email.

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