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Improvement Plans for the Common Pond: Hailsham’s ‘Jewel in the Crown’

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Hailsham Common Pond in Bellbanks Road 

Additional improvement work is set to be carried out at the Common Pond site in the future, as part of the Town Council’s obligation to ensure that its parks and open spaces are well maintained and visually appealing to the public.

Proposed future works at the Common Pond site include (subject to agreement) improved drainage – a requirement highlighted in recent surveys carried out on behalf of the Town Council – repairs and improvements to the perimeter footpath, the removal of overgrown plants on the pond’s two islands and the filling in of hollows and levelling of ground surrounding the pond and footpath.

The Town Council’s plan to undertake these improvements to the Common Pond site are just part of the Council’s vision to enhance its open spaces over the course of the next few years. Furthermore, it is hoped that an Assets Improvement Plan will be set up in the near future to include improvements to other Town Council-maintained sites including Hailsham Country Park, Hailsham Cemetery, recreation grounds, play areas and public open spaces.

With a good response from members of the public, the many improvements to Hailsham’s Common Pond over the past decade – including the installation of culvert fencing and the repair of a number of drain covers – have been successfully carried out, thanks to the regular maintenance and monitoring of the site by the Town Council’s outdoor works team.

As part of Hailsham Town Council’s obligation to ensure that the Common Pond is well maintained and visually appealing to the public, part-time pond warden Phil Hobden checks the pond on a regular basis and reports problems or concerns about the site to the Town Council.

The Common Pond has been a focal point in Hailsham for centuries and is considered by many to be the town’s ‘Jewel in the Crown’. Major improvements to the 1.86-acre site have been carried out by the Town Council since 1996, including the removal of approximately 2,500 cubic metres of silt, the construction of a second island and sloping marginal wetland area and the installation of a hard surface path, benches and additional shrubs along the pond edge.

Since then, the Town Council has undertaken surveys of the site and, on the advice from the Environment Agency, additional work to improve and consolidate the island banks to prevent further erosion has been achieved in recent years by planting additional aquatic plants around the banks of the islands.

“It’s always nice to receive positive feedback from people on the work undertaken by outdoor works staff at the Common Pond site,” said pond warden Phil Hobden, welcoming compliments from residents on how good the Common Pond looks today.

“We look forward to the continuation of our work to maintain and improve the water quality of the pond in the future to allow the pond life to flourish, and improve the area as a whole so that residents and visitors to the town can continue to enjoy this local beauty spot.”

Councillor Trevor Powis, chairman of the Town Council’s Assets Management Committee commented: “The Town Council is proud of its achievements to date at the Common Pond site, which during the period between 1995 and 1998 saw the transition of the area from a rather raw and uninviting state.”

“I’d like to pass on the Council’s thanks to Phil and the rest of the outdoor works staff for all their hard work, and the local residents who have been keeping a watchful eye on this wonderful site over the years.”

Additional information about the Common Pond is available to the public free of charge from the Town Council Offices in Market Street.

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