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Hailsham’s Town Crier Celebrates One Year of Service

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Photo of Hailsham Town Crier Terry Tozer - taken at the 2022 Christmas Market 

Hailsham’s Town Crier, Terry Tozer, has received widespread praise for his unstinting efforts delivering messages and public shouts during his first year in the prestigious role.

Since being appointed as Town Crier in March of last year, Terry has been busy delivering his proclamations at the town’s community events and various other occasions – bedecked in a brand new, hand-made livery – welcoming guest dignitaries to the town and introducing an element of pageantry to mark events and special occasions.

In all, Terry has attended 21 events as official Town Crier for the Town Council and issued no less than 40 “cries”.

“Oyez, Oyez!,” said Terry. “I am deeply honoured and grateful for having been selected to carry on this wonderful of age-old British traditions, where I am able to celebrate and keep alive part of our historic culture. I feel very privileged to have taken part in Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations and the upcoming coronation of King Charles III. I thoroughly enjoy the role and hope that I am able to serve you well for many years to come.”

“God Save the King!”

The role of Town Crier was, since medieval times, one of the most important ways of spreading news and local bylaws, royal proclamations, market days, holidays and community events were all pronounced by a bellman or town crier.

Today, the role is a ceremonial one and Hailsham’s new town crier will assist by opening major town events, introducing guest dignitaries to the town and introducing an element of pageantry to special occasions.

Later last year, Terry joined The Ancient and Honourable Guild of Town Criers, which represents official town criers throughout the country. By joining the oldest and largest organisation which represents Town Criers throughout the world, Terry is privy to all the news and views of what is happening throughout the appointed role of Town Crier and will be invited to compete with other Guild Members in town crier competitions throughout the year.

Town Clerk John Harrison commented: “There are currently over 150 town criers in the UK representing towns and cities, communicating in the oldest method available, by word of mouth. I am pleased that Hailsham is one of these and is able to enhance the image of our market town by having a town crier.”

“One year on, Terry has definitely got stuck into the role and thoroughly enjoys being an ambassador for Hailsham, adding a bit of colour to people’s perceptions and memories of the town.”

Subject to availability, as well as promoting the town’s community events, market and festivities, the town crier can be hired by individuals, groups, schools or commercial ventures for events and official openings, as well as charity events.

If you are interested in hiring the Town Crier to promote your event, please send an email to

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