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Hailsham’s Community Organisations Thanked by the Mayor

Mayor's Press Releases

Photo of Town Mayor Councillor Paul Holbrook 

The Mayor of Hailsham has revealed how his time in the post since May 2019 has confirmed his belief that the town has a “great community spirit.”

Mayor Councillor Paul Holbrook referred to the various functions he has attended since being elected as Town Mayor and the opportunities to meet representatives from community groups and voluntary organisations in Hailsham.

“The community and voluntary sector play a significant role within Hailsham, fulfilling a broad range of requirements for the local community,” Councillor Holbrook said. “The benefits that come from a having such a vibrant community and voluntary sector creates a number of positives for the town by providing services to those in need, volunteering for those who need to develop their life skills, as well as providing the means for people to become involved in their community or simply leisure opportunities.

Throughout my near two-and-a-half years as Town Mayor, it has been an honour and privilege to be guest of honour at a number of civic engagements so ably organised by local voluntary and community organisations. From these engagements, I have learned that Hailsham has a great community spirit.

I am impressed by the work in the town by volunteers who help run these organisations and, having recognised and supported such organisations in the past wherever I can, I am certain that there are many unsung heroes upon who so much depends on the success of fundraising events and other vital work in the community.

Hailsham Lions, Hailsham Bonfire Society, Hailsham Choral Society, the Royal Air Forces Association and Royal British Legion Hailsham branches, Hailsham Foodbank, Environment Hailsham, Hailsham Allotment Society and  the Hailsham Festival Committee, to name but a few, work tirelessly to serve and promote our community and keep the profile of the town high, often without the recognition they deserve.

In closing, I’d like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the many local community groups and voluntary associations which offered much-needed services to some residents during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, including those who checked on or cared for people who were self-isolating, elderly or more vulnerable to the virus. I continue to be truly amazed by the response of the volunteer community and voluntary sector during the past year and a half.

Thank you to everyone for having faith in me to carry out the duty of Town Mayor and meet these wonderful community groups and volunteers. A lot can be achieved in our town and, as your mayor, I look forward to meeting such groups again during the remainder of my term. Hailsham is a special place, and I will work hard to ensure that it remains so.”

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