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Hailsham Town Councillors Agree Amended Business Plan

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View of the outside of the Hailsham Town Council offices 

Hailsham Town Council has updated its business plan, which sets out the aims and objectives for the Council over the next four-year period.

The Strategic Plan, which was agreed by members at a meeting held yesterday [13 July] will be the focus for the Council to enable it to work in a co-ordinated way in the best interests of those who live and work in Hailsham and make use of the Town Council’s services. It is a statement of the Council’s vision, purpose, aims, objectives and values.

“The strategic plan is the second such document produced by the Town Council in recent years, setting out its aims and plans for the coming years,” said Town Mayor and Chairman of Hailsham Town Council, Cllr Paul Holbrook. “It is the fruition of several meetings and a lot of hard work from a specially appointed Strategy Committee consisting of the Chairs and Vice-Chairs of the Council’s standing committees, as well as extensive input from the Council’s dedicated officer team.”

The plan provides an overview of the Town Council and its committees, finances, staff structure, objectives and key services, as well as clear action plans relating to the Council’s asset management, corporate services, youth services and business enterprise activities.

The plan, which will influence the content of all other strategies and resources of the Town Council (particularly through the budget process), will be regularly monitored, reviewed and updated.

Cllr Holbrook added: “It is imperative that some degree of flexibility exists within the Town Council’s strategic plan to meet changing priorities and community needs. Therefore, this plan is only a summary of the Council’s objectives, allowing the Council to maintain its key aims and priorities while at the same time allowing for any adaptability and flexibility required.”

Town Clerk John Harrison commented: “Having an agreed and updated working plan or strategy provides a clear foundation for the Town Council to work during the next four-year period and, simultaneously, the Strategic Plan will help residents to have a better understanding of the Town Council responsibilities, services and activities.”

“We welcome any feedback from the people of Hailsham on the content of this plan, which should be directed either to myself or the Town Mayor & Chairman.”

Hailsham Town Council’s Strategic Plan can be downloaded from the Town Council’s website. Alternatively, hard copies are available at the Council offices in Market Street on request.

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