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Hailsham Town Council Sets Precept for Next Financial Year

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Hailsham Town Council has agreed its budget for 2022-2023.

The Town Council adopted the recommendation put forward by the Finance, Budget & Resources Committee for the next financial year (April 2022 to March 2023) and agreed a budget of £1,254,440, with the amount of precept of £1,252,856 to be requisitioned from Wealden District Council.

This means that council tax for a Band D property in Hailsham will be £163.23, which represents just a 23p per week increase on the previous year.

The shortfall in the budget of £1,584 is to be drawn from the Council’s reserves.

In making the recommendations for the budget, the Town Council aims to provide continuing security for essential services for residents and visitors alike with value for money improvements where possible.

COVID-19 has still had an impact on the current 2021-2022 figures due to some facilities being closed or operating at reduced hours, resulting in a loss of income. It has also impacted expenditure due to putting in place safety and hygiene facilities in its properties, including the public toilets, halls and play areas, which will be ongoing.

“The Town Council has agreed to increase its share of the council tax for the next financial year,” said Councillor Gavin Blake-Coggins, chairman of the Finance, Budget & Resources Committee. “Nobody likes to see an increase in the Town Council’s share of the precept, but a 23p per week increase I think represents value for money when you consider all the things that we do, as well as increased running, administrative, contract and other costs.”

“The Town Council continues to deliver value for money and I think the budget proposal for the next year will enable us to continue to do that and go some way towards making a significant difference for the residents of Hailsham.”

Some key changes which have affected the Town Council and justified an increase in its share of council tax include a necessary increase in financial support for the town centre post office, an increase in youth service provision, the reinstating of annual grants to local community groups/voluntary organisations, and other new or increased costs expected.

Councillor Blake-Coggins added: “The Finance, Budget & Resources Committee was in agreement that the Town Council cannot continue to remove items of expenditure year on year, as this in turn causes a false starting point the following financial year, in turn increasing financial difficulties in setting the budget.”

“Our focus for the next year will be to continue to ensure all services are run as efficiently as possible, including the running of the high street post office, public conveniences, community halls, cemetery, play areas and youth services, as well as funding for additional grass cutting.”

Council taxpayers should be aware that only a small percentage of the council tax demand goes to Hailsham Town Council – the remaining percentage goes to Wealden District Council, East Sussex County Council, the Police Authority and the Fire Service for the services they provide.

Locally, the Town Council is committed to supporting community-based initiatives and voluntary organisations, and throughout the next 12 months, will continue to work hard and drive forward initiatives to promote the town as a key location to live, work and visit, helping to boost the local economy.

If you require any further information on the Town Council budget for 2022/23 please contact John Harrison (Town Clerk) on 01323 841702 or by email:

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