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Hailsham Neighbourhood Plan Referendum: Thursday 6th May

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Neighbourhood Plan Promotional Photo of Hailsham (Town Centre) 

The final steps towards the publication of a Neighbourhood Plan for Hailsham are coming ever closer, with the Plan moving forward to a public referendum on Thursday 6th May.

The Hailsham Neighbourhood Plan, written by a group made up of members from the community and from Hailsham Town Council’s Neighbourhood Planning Committee, proposes a number of policies relating to what infrastructure and development is needed to sustain future housing growth in the Hailsham area, taking into consideration local environment and sustainability, design, housing type, traffic and transport, economy, services and facilities.

The plan does not identify housing numbers or growth as such (which is the role of the Wealden District Council planning authority) and is based on the concept of the ‘Ten-Minute Town’, promoting social cohesion, health and well-being in the local community.

The original date scheduled for the public referendum was postponed as a result of coronavirus regulations passed by the national government last April, preventing all referendums and elections from taking place in May 2020 because of the risks concerning the pandemic.

The Hailsham Neighbourhood Plan ‘s public referendum will be held on Thursday 6th May (from 7am-10pm at your local polling station), when voters will be asked to answer ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to the question of whether they wish for the Plan to be used by the Planning Authority in determining planning applications within the parish up to 2028.

Town Clerk John Harrison commented: “It’s been a very long and arduous journey to get this far with the development of a neighbourhood plan for Hailsham. Nevertheless, I’m delighted for the local community after the amount of work they have contributed from the outset.”

“Special thanks must be given to all Neighbourhood Planning Committee members, in addition to the appointed consultants – Troy Planning Ltd – for their hard work from day one, and members of the public who attended our various public consultations and engagement events – having taken the time to share their views and give us vital feedback.”

You can vote if you are on the Electoral Register for the Parish of Hailsham. If you are not sure, or you wish to register, contact Electoral Services at Wealden District Council on 01892 602417 or by email:

To view the Referendum Version of the Hailsham Neighbourhood Development Plan, visit

Hard copies are available to view (by appointment) at the Town Council Offices in Market Street, by calling 01323 841702 or emailing

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