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Hailsham Neighbourhood Plan: Public Meeting

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Aerial view of Hailsham 

Members of the Hailsham Neighbourhood Planning Team are getting ready to reveal how the Neighbourhood Plan is evolving at a public meeting which will take place at the Hailsham East Centre in Vega Close on Thursday 9th February, from 6.45pm.

The meeting will explain more about the neighbourhood planning process – including recent achievements – and explore how the Town Council and local residents can take it forward successfully.

Short presentations will be given on the Hailsham Neighbourhood Planning Team’s recent work, public consultations and other activities and there will be an opportunity for residents to ask Team members any questions about the way forward with the Plan.

The event will also include various interactive exercises to help determine the key priorities regarding future development, taking into consideration infrastructure, design, traffic and transport, services and local environment.

The Hailsham Neighbourhood Plan would like as many interested people as possible to attend the public meeting, find out more and see if you can contribute.

“It’s crucial that residents are kept aware of the progress of the Plan’s development,” said Councillor Glenn Moore, chairman of the Neighbourhood Planning Committee. “It’s also essential that the opportunity is given to comment on what they consider to be the most important elements of improved town infrastructure to support future housing and population growth in Hailsham.”

“Through this public meeting, we will gather additional evidence about Hailsham’s current and future needs and the comments received will help provide the basis for the draft Neighbourhood Plan as a reflection of the consensus views of residents and the local community.”

The Neighbourhood Planning Team has set up various focus groups which have met throughout the autumn to pull together priorities for the Plan in terms of housing and design, retail, business and employment, environment and heritage.

Please note that the purpose of this public meeting is for residents to be updated on the Hailsham Neighbourhood Planning Team’s activities and progress on the development of the Plan to date, as well as asking questions and taking part in interactive exercises. The meeting is not a consultation on the emerging Wealden Local Plan.

Wealden District Council’s timetable envisages submission of its draft plans to the Planning Inspectorate for Examination this summer. It is anticipated that the Neighbourhood Plan preparation process will be carried out in parallel to the draft Local Plan/Area Action Plan timescales.

Find out more about the Hailsham Neighbourhood Plan.

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