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Hailsham Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Poll Findings

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Neighbourhood Plan public information event 

Hailsham’s Neighbourhood Planning consultants have now collated the results of the various interactive polls which were a feature of a public consultation that took place at the Hailsham East Community Centre in February.

The consultation event, which was organised to present the findings of the work already undertaken by the Town Council’s Neighbourhood Planning Committee and working groups, enabled residents to have their say on what sort of homes should be provided in and around the Hailsham area in the future, taking into consideration local environment and sustainability, design, traffic and transport, economy, services and facilities.

Statistics obtained from an analysis of the comments put forward at the public consultation event have revealed strong support for the Neighbourhood Planning Committee’s objectives.

The investment in infrastructure provision in the Hailsham area was considered highly important, with emphasis placed on traffic management and public transport connections to rail services in particular.

Also of priority for residents is the enhancement of the Cuckoo Trail and pedestrian-cycle connectivity across Hailsham. Furthermore, a strong preference was given for promoting the design of new homes which both protects and enhances the town’s character and heritage.

Participants also stated the need for sympathetic improvements to the town centre to provide more in the way of employment opportunities, together with an improved retail offer comprising a higher proportion of independent shops and additional space for national high-street retailers.

Results from an interactive ‘clicker’ poll which indicated that 64% of participants the redevelopment of brownfield sites and infill sites within the urban areas is the best way to accommodate new development in Hailsham.

41% of participants said they are happy with the community facilities in the town – although additional investment is needed – with 27% using facilities outside of Hailsham in nearby towns such as Eastbourne.

“We’d like to thank all residents and businesses who have taken part in the consultation process so far and provided feedback on what key issues should be covered in the emerging Neighbourhood Plan,” said Councillor Glenn Moore, chairman of the Neighbourhood Planning Committee.

“It is important that planning policies in our Neighbourhood Plan are based on robust evidence and analysis of the main issues facing the Hailsham area now, in addition to an understanding of how these may change in the future, taking into account local housing, infrastructure, employment and other needs.”

Town Clerk John Harrison commented: “All feedback and statistics gathered from our public consultation exercises will inform the draft Neighbourhood Plan and provide a blueprint for the future development of the Hailsham area.”

“It is the continuing participation from members of the public that will help give our Neighbourhood Plan credibility by demonstrating that it is evolved from the infrastructure needs and aspirations of the local community.”

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