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Hailsham Community Groups Invited to Next Forum


Hailsham town centre 

Are you a local community group or charity and wish to benefit from sharing experiences and ideas with other local groups?

The Hailsham Community Forum is always looking for community groups, associations and charities in the area to exchange ideas, learn from each other, network and collaborate.

They have speakers from voluntary services organisations, grants advisors and other charities. The group continues to build communication networks and create a louder voice with other voluntary and statutory groups.

The long-term benefits of joining the Forum could be cost savings through group negotiating power with printers, suppliers, donations and local businesses, sharing resources like gazebos and tables and more.

Several groups have already benefited from the forum by taking stalls at the Hailsham Street Market, collaborating to fundraise together and collectively promoting and raising awareness of their organisations.

The Forum meets monthly and is made up of around 30 community organisations including Hailsham Active, Hailsham Harriers, Computers For Charities, Hailsham Bonfire Society, Hailsham Lions, Hailsham Choral Society, the Now! Charity, Demelza Hospice Care For Children, Hailsham Allotment Society, Hailsham & District Flower Club, Healthy Walks Group and Hailsham Foodbank. They have recently introduced a regular newsletter and speakers.

“The Hailsham Community Forum has grown since its launch with new groups being represented every month,” said Deputy Town Clerk and Business Enterprise Manager Mickey Caira.

“We are looking for additional members that can include local community groups, voluntary organisations, charities, parent/teacher groups and residents’ associations among others, to share information on developments of interest including new funding opportunities, in addition to enabling partnership working with other organisations.”

“As a new local charity with little experience it’s been invaluable coming along to the community forum meetings,” said Adrian Thomas representing Different Minds, a local charity aiming to improve the lives of people with mental health issues.

“Not only have we learnt more about the community activity in general, but our first meeting led directly to us receiving a significant grant. One of the members sharing best practice pointed us in the direction of the foundation awarding this grant, and without this sharing it probably would never have happened.”

“Thanks all for the group support.”

Forum organiser Jenny Seale said: “These community meetings are a good opportunity to network, seek help on fundraising, project work and other matters and feed off each other’s ideas. The Forum brings together voluntary groups and helps give us an insight into the needs of the local community.”

“Over the next few months we are looking forward to welcoming short presentations by businesses and entertainers who have a little something different to offer at Hailsham events as well as useful speakers on grants, fundraising and recruiting and retaining volunteers.”

The next forum meeting will take place at 6.30pm on Tuesday 3rd July at the Hailsham Parish Church lounge. Additional meetings have been scheduled for Thursday 6th September, Monday 8th October, Tuesday 6th November and Wednesday 12th December (Christmas Celebration).

If you are interested in attending, contact Hailsham Town Council on 01323 841702 or by email:

The Hailsham Community Forum will have a ‘What Can I Join in Hailsham’ stall and prize draw in Vicarage Field as part of the Celebrate Hailsham Day event on Saturday 30th June.

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