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Hailsham Community Groups and Charities Invited to Join Forum


Hailsham Works 

Are you a local based community group or charity and wish to benefit from sharing experiences and ideas with other local groups?

The Hailsham Community Forum is looking to expand its membership and is open to all community groups, associations and charities in the area, to help build a better communication network and create a louder voice between them and other voluntary and statutory groups.

The long term benefits of joining the Forum could be cost savings to your group, for instance more leverage with ordering leaflets, printing costs, sharing resources and more. Several groups have already benefited from the forum by taking stalls on the Hailsham Street Market.

The forum, which meets monthly, currently consists of nearly 30 community organisations including Hailsham Active, Hailsham Farmers’ Market, Hailsham Harriers, Computers For Charities, Hailsham Bonfire Society, Hailsham Lions, Hailsham Choral Society and the Now! Charity.

“The Hailsham Community Forum has grown since its launch with a number of groups wishing to become a member,” said Deputy Town Clerk and Business Enterprise Manager Mickey Caira.

“We are looking for additional members who can include local community groups, voluntary organisations, charities, parent/teacher groups and residents’ associations among others to share information on developments of interest including new funding opportunities, in addition to enabling partnership working with other organisations.”

Steve Wennington, chairman of Hailsham Active (formerly Hailsham & District Sports Alliance), said: “Hailsham Active have been attending the Hailsham Community Forum meetings since its inception over two years ago and we would thoroughly recommend any community-led group to send a representative to attend the friendly and informal meetings.”

“You soon realise there is a lot more going on in Hailsham than you would think, supported by some amazing and very generously spirited people of the town and surrounding area. There is a lot of opportunity to feed off each other’s ideas.”

Hailsham Lions Club member Gerry Constable said: “Hailsham Lions benefit from being a member of the Forum in many ways. Firstly, it brings us into contact with other organisations which in turn helps us to gauge what’s going on in the town and gives us an insight into the needs of the community. Also, at times we can overlap and help each other with projects and fund raising.”

“Another advantage for us is having a named person to approach should we need to. For new members it’s a great introduction to the town and its many facets.”

The next forum meeting will take place at 6.30pm on Thursday 22nd June at the Hailsham Parish Church lounge. Subsequent meetings are scheduled at the same time and venue for Thursday 7th July, Wednesday 10th August and Tuesday 6th September.

If you are interested in attending contact Michelle Hagger at Hailsham Town Council on 01323 841702 or by email:

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