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Hailsham Allotment Society to Benefit from Small Grant

Mayor's Press Releases

Photo of Town Mayor Cllr Paul Holbrook presenting his donation cheque to the Hailsham Allotment Society's Chair Ann King and Secretary Terry Miller 

The Mayor of Hailsham has donated £100 to the Hailsham Allotment Society, one of a number of recent grants given to local community groups and voluntary associations as a result of coming in under budget on his allocated allowance for the last financial year.

In his role as mayor, Cllr Paul Holbrook receives a yearly allowance to cover events and other costs associated with the office of Town Mayor, but in the previous financial year, he did not utilise all of the allowance and stated that he would donate what was remaining to eight local community groups, charities and other local initiatives.

“I’m pleased to offer a donation of £100 to the allotment society, which does a sterling job of promoting and protecting our allotment sites, as well as acting as a voice for allotment holders and liaising with the Town Council if and when problems arise,” said Councillor Holbrook.

“The money donated will help the Society in their endeavours and go towards their forthcoming Summer Show – which is itself a great opportunity for people to exhibit their fruit, vegetables and flowers, take a walk around the allotment plots, talk to plotholders and learn a few tips and techniques for growing their own!”

At present, the Council manages 96 plots on three sites: Battle Road (59 plots) Station Road (14 plots) and Harold Avenue (23 plots). Standard plots are 3 or 5 rods in size.

Rental costs are £23.10 per annum for 3-rod size and £39.60 per annum for 5-rod size. A £50 deposit is requested for newly registering plot-holders.

Councillor Holbrook added: “The Town Council is committed to providing allotment plots to all residents who wish to rent one. We recognise the vital role allotment gardening plays in the local community, for people to grow their own selection of fruit and vegetables whilst serving as a highly rewarding pastime in the process.”

To request being added to the allotment rental waiting list, please call 01323 841702 or send an email.

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