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Get Involved in New Community-led Housing Scheme

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Community Land Trust Committee public meeting advert poster 

Hailsham Town Council invites residents to a public meeting which will be held at the Fleur de Lys Meeting Room (Town Council Offices, Market Street) at 7pm on Monday 24th September 2018, to find out more about the Council’s new Community Land Trust Committee and how to get involved.

Community Land Trusts are a form of community-led housing, set up and run by ordinary people to develop and manage homes as well as other assets. The Hailsham Community Land Trust will be run by a group of volunteers as a non-profit making organisation to purchase and manage property on behalf of the community.

There are currently about nearly 200 CLTs in England and Wales and it is anticipated that by 2020 they will have delivered over 3,000 new affordable homes.

Vice-Chairman of the Neighbourhood Planning Committee Councillor Mary Laxton said the Town Council has investigated the potential of CLTs as a model for community-led housing development in Hailsham. Councillor Laxton said: “This is an exciting opportunity for the local community to secure for the future a number of properties for rent or part-purchase.”

“The scheme will provide an opportunity for the provision of local homes for local people at prices which are affordable – based on local earnings and which are high quality, well-designed homes that add to the character, balance and resilience of the community.”

“The policies determining who will be eligible to rent or part-buy these properties will be under the long-term control of the local community via the Trust and not some remote housing association, plus they can’t be sold off.”

Hosted by Hailsham Town Council, the public meeting will include a presentation explaining the structure and purpose of CLTs and enable residents to learn more about the process of setting up a Trust for Hailsham. Members of the public can also find out how they can join the Community Land Trust Committee and help drive the project forward.

“We would be delighted if you were to be part of the CLT in Hailsham,” added Councillor Laxton. “So please do come along and find out more about how you can get involved. Together, we can make a difference.”

If you would like to attend the meeting or to request further information, please contact Karen Giddings (Hailsham Town Council) on 01323 841702 or by email:

Full details about Community Land Trusts can be found here.

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