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Enjoy Hailsham Country Park During the Spring Months

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Hailsham Country Park lake 

Do you enjoy the outside life? The Town Council has launched another campaign to encourage residents to visit Hailsham Country Park and enjoy the beauty of the spring season.

The Councilmaintained Country Park, situated off Gleneagles Drive, covers approximately 22 acres and incorporates woodland, a recreational grass area, two ponds and a lake. A water course skirts the open field area and allweather footpaths can be found throughout the park to encourage people of all ages to enjoy this precious open space area.

Offering a peaceful and relaxing environment and with so much to offer, the Country Park is an ideal place to get away from it all,” said Town Mayor Cllr Paul Holbrook.

“Residents and visitors can bring their family and a picnic, do a spot of fishing at the Gleneagles lake, jog, spot wildlife, exercise their dog or encourage their children to let off steam using the open space to have a run around!”

Hailsham Town Council is proud of its many improvements to the site in recent years, including the construction of a new path around Wentworth Pond and other areaspecific projects such as the more upgrading and resurfacing of the pathway around the lake, making it more accessible for disabled users.

The Town Council has recently planted additional trees at the Country Park, as part of a plan to implement its environmental objectives over the course of the next few years. Tree species planted on site are varied and include flowering cherries, rowans, gingko and liquidambars.

Furthermore, the park’s high level of maintenance by Town Council works staff, together with regular monitoring of the area by two Water Bailiffs, has ensured that the site remains a safe and clean public green space for the whole community to enjoy.

Town Clerk John Harrison said: “The Town Council maintains over 20 acres of public space, which includes a variety of formal parks and recreation grounds, woodland, lakes and heathland.”

With the compliments of the Town Council, I would encourage people to take a stroll around Hailsham Country Park and enjoy it during the spring months.

Lakes & Ponds

Fishing is permitted on season at two Town Council managed sites: Hailsham Country Park lake (off Gleneagles Drive) and Hempstead Pond (adjacent to Tilehurst Wood). Both fishing areas are wellstocked with fish including carp, bream, roach, rudd, tench, perch and pike.


The various woodland sites have a very good selection of tree species including birch, oak, ash, maple and wild cherry. Wildlife residing in the area includes voles, mice, lizards and weasels.

Access & Parking

There are two car parks on the boundaries of the Hailsham Country Park, situated off Holyhead Close and Gleneagles Drive). Car parking is free of charge. Ample directional signage is posted throughout the park.

Monitoring & Site Maintenance

The Town Council employs two parttime Water Bailiffs to monitor the lake and fishing permits respectively. A fulltime Environment Warden is responsible for the removal of litter onsite.

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