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Country Park Flood Control Work Completed

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Hailsham Country Park 

As part of its obligation to ensure that the Hailsham Country Park is well maintained and accessible to the public, Town Council staff have completed work to tackle future flooding on the site.

At the 22-acre Hailsham Country Park, situated off Gleneagles Drive, two sections of footpath at the southern end of the site have been prone to flooding and sometimes impassable during the autumn and winter period, restricting access to some parts of the open space.

Town Council staff have countered the problem by installing land drains to help discharge excess water into the existing ditch system.

“I’m very encouraged by the effort being made by Council staff to reduce flood risk on our public open spaces,” said Councillor Richard Grocock, chairman of the Town Council’s Strategic Projects Committee.

“Improved drainage channels have now been provided along sections of path at the Country Park which become particularly wet and muddy in the winter, to help to ensure long-term protection against flooding.”

Hailsham Town Council is proud of its many improvements to the Country Park site in recent years, including the construction of a new path around Wentworth Pond, replacement of boundary fencing and other area-specific projects.

Furthermore, the park’s high level of maintenance by Town Council works staff, together with regular monitoring of the area by a Water Bailiff, has ensured that the site remains a safe and clean public green space for the residents to enjoy.

For further information about the Hailsham Country Park, call 01323 841702 (during office hours).

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