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Christmas Message from the Mayor of Hailsham

Mayor's Press Releases

Cllr Nigel Coltman 

“Throughout 2018, it has been a privilege for me to serve as the Mayor of Hailsham. I have attended a range of engagements with community groups, local charities and businesses in the town and local area.

From these engagements, I have learned about the tremendous amount of work done by them to support the people of Hailsham, and the help and encouragement given by them to help the young and not so young residents of our town.

They all deserve our support, which I have been happy to give this past year and I would personally like to thank them all for the extraordinary welcomes I received at their events and meetings.

As Mayor, I will continue to visit as many places and people as possible during the remainder of my term, to raise the profile of local charities and voluntary organisations, all of whom work tirelessly to help others and make individuals lives just that much better and brighter.

It goes without saying that I’d like to wish all residents of Hailsham a peaceful and very happy Christmas. But let us not forget to care for those who are less fortunate than ourselves, including the elderly, the infirm and the bereaved, and all the vulnerable people in our town, including those who will go hungry this Christmas.

I trust you will pause briefly in your own celebrations to remember those less fortunate than yourselves and donate to the local Foodbank. We wish we could say that there was no need for a Foodbank and that there was no hunger in Hailsham, but unfortunately the need is still high and no less during the run up to Christmas.

Last December, the donations helped us to spread some Christmas cheer to our residents in need and, while so I’m delighted that people have shown their generosity towards this charity, I would encourage everyone to help more – at least have a look to see if there is anything they can spare, and to offer much-needed support by dropping food items off at the local Foodbank branch at the top of George Street.

Also, we should give our gratitude to those who over the Christmas Holiday will be working, such as the hospitals, doctors, emergency staff and those Hailsham people overseas who will spend the holidays away from home this year.

On behalf of all the town councillors and staff at Hailsham Town Council, the Deputy Town Mayor Cllr Grant De Jongh, my wife and Mayoress Sandra and myself would like to wish you all a very happy Christmas and hope that 2019 will be prosperous and healthy for us all.”

Councillor Nigel Coltman

Town Mayor & Chairman, Hailsham Town Council

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