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COVID-19: Burial Arrangements at Hailsham Cemetery

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Hailsham Cemetery 

As the Town Council continues to review its service delivery for residents in response to COVID-19, measures in relation to burial arrangements at Hailsham Cemetery have been introduced to protect the local community.

Hailsham Cemetery in Ersham Road will remain open for graveside and ashes burials, with services being attended by a minimum number of mourners. This is in line with Government advice.

Cemetery grounds are open as usual from dawn to dusk, but the chapels will remain closed until further notice.

While Hailsham Cemetery remains open for burials and to visitors/mourners, people MUST heed government advice relating to social distancing:

  • Restrict the number of mourners to be as low as possible to ensure a safe distance between individuals
  • Minimise contact with each other, e.g. no hand-shaking
  • Refrain from attending the cemetery if you are exhibiting symptoms
  • Follow all government guidance on personal hygiene prior to, during and after use of the cemetery

Town Clerk John Harrison said: “We recognise this is a distressing time for anyone who has lost a loved one. But we cannot emphasise enough the importance of sticking to these measures and restrictions on service. They are all being put in place to protect not only members of staff who helping to carry out this critical service, but also to protect the public.”

Members of the public can still get in touch with the burial services team by calling Hailsham Town Council on 01323 841702 or emailing

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