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Call for Suggestions on Designated Wildflower Sites

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Grass cutting 

Hailsham Town Council is calling on residents to nominate which grass verges on public highways in the town should be designated wildflower sites.

The announcement for suggestions of areas of grass that could be left as ‘wildflower patches’, follows the Town Council’s decision at its meeting held in September to fund additional grass cuts in 2019, amounting to a total of six cuts (of which the Town Council will provide funding for four and the County Council paying for two as part of their schedule of allocated grass cuts).

At the meeting town councillors concluded that there are a small number of verges that can be left intentionally uncut to maintain flower-rich habitats in specific areas of interest and these will be cut later in the season (twice a year).

“Nowadays, roadside verges remain one of the few places left for wildflowers to thrive, representing the last stronghold of such species in Britain,” said Cllr Nigel Coltman, Town Mayor and Chairman of Hailsham Town Council.

“The current economic situation has resulted in several local authorities having no choice but to reduce their expenditure on the mowing of public highway grass verges, of which residents have developed a strong concern. Wildflowers have appeared on verges that have until recently been overshadowed by grass, not only allowing the creation of new habitats within the verges, giving an added aesthetic boost into the bargain.”

“Hailsham Town Council recognises the importance of maintaining a reasonable standard of grass cutting throughout the town in light of the budgetary pressures faced by the East Sussex Highways, and has therefore decided to recommend certain verge areas receive less frequent cuts to help establish more wildflower sites.”

“I urge residents to support us by providing some good nominations for areas which should be designated for this purpose. All suggested received will be duly considered.”

A detailed survey offering suggestions of designated wildflower areas has been received by the Town Council and a meeting held with County Council officers to discuss where several wildflower verges can be located.

A full list is required by the end of the year and nominations for suggested locations are now being sought from members of the public.

If you would like to nominate specific grass verges or sections of verges, please contact the Town Council by email (

The deadline for receipt of nominations is 4pm on Friday 30th November 2018.

Residents in Hailsham with enquiries regarding the responsibility of urban grass cutting or complaints about the standard and frequency of such cuts should contact East Sussex Highways on 0345 60 80 193.

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