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Warm Banks: Latest Information from Town Council

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Hailsham Town Council has partnered with local community groups and charities to introduce measures to help residents who are struggling to pay their heating bills and stay warm amid the cost-of-living crisis.

The Town Council, like the community at large, is concerned about the town’s residents and what cost-of-living issues many might face this winter. ‘Warm Banks’ (also referred to as ‘Warm Hubs’) are becoming widespread everywhere, with a lot of councils, including those at parish level, opening them because it is necessary in many cases.

Hailsham residents are reminded that the Town Council has recently set up a Warm Bank at the James West Community Centre, situated in Meeting Room 1 at the James West Community Centre in Brunel Drive.

The facility is open from 10am to noon on Saturdays and Sundays until the end of February, and everyone struggling with keeping warm at home and paying their energy bills are welcome to attend. Hot drinks are available and people attending are encouraged to bring board games, books and other items with them.

There are several other ‘Warm Banks’ currently in operation in Hailsham, including an additional facility set up by the Town Council and Hailsham Youth Service at the Square Youth Cafe at 1 Market Square on Fridays from 11am to 1pm (except Friday 23rd December and Friday 30th December due to closure of the centre over the Christmas break) and the Charles Hunt Centre in Vicarage Field, operating on weekdays from 9am-3.30pm (for over 55s only).

Hailsham Library in Western Road, while not a designated Warm Bank as such, welcomes visitors and their facility is open for residents as a place to read books, access computers and keep warm at the same time.

Any additional Warm Bank facilities which open in the town will be added to the Town Council’s website:

Several Warm Banks have been established in nearby Eastbourne, details of which are also available on the Town Council’s website.

Town Clerk John Harrison said: “Local community groups and voluntary associations have always been quick to respond to the needs of the people of our town and this has further been demonstrated by the Town Council’s provision of its own warm bank facilities at the James West Community Centre and the Square Youth Cafe during the winter months ahead.”

“Whilst warm banks are not the only solution to helping people affected by the cost-of-living crisis keep warm, they certainly can help.”

“The Town Council’s recent discussions concerning Warm Banks in Hailsham have been both necessary and highly productive, and we will continue to do everything we can right to try and protect our residents.”

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